Future Implications


When it comes to social media, it can be often compared to Fashion, which is ever changing. When it comes to social aspect of Fashion, that is constantly ever changing. I think that brands in the fashion industry do a great job with staying alert with all the trends and ways to market their brand via social media. Companies are taking full advantage to all the ways to market their business such as sending their products to celebrities or other individuals who have alot followers. These are the individuals that can and will get your brand recognized.  In the future, I see brands utilizing resources and getting more tech-savvy with ways to market their business via social media for free. I also see, companies using a lot less funding for their marketing campaigns.


However, one of the future implications that I see might hinder results is that when a social platform because extremely popular they start featuring a lot of advertisements. I think this will be an issue, because when a person feels as if a platform they love is becoming overwhelmed with advertisements, that decreases their chances of getting on that social platform. For instance, I try to limit my access of Facebook, I feel completely bombarded with advertisements when I get on there. Also, I prefer to watch my favorite YouTube videos on my cellular device because, I am likely to see less advertisements than I would see if I were to watch them on my computer.


I think companies can incorporate a lot of their marketing and save a lot of money, when it comes to advertisement if they can properly find effective and creative ways to do so. I believe this could also be a problem, and that is finding creative ways to market your brand that no other company has yet tried to do so and to also make sure you have your audience’s attention as well.



In my opinion, I believe that a supportive audience is the reasoning to why a marketing initiative can and will go viral. Our audience and supportive social media platforms, publicists are certainly the reason to why a marketing campaign can go extremely viral, because the support from these different groups could create the buzz for an initiative alone.



I believe that every campaign should create a message that leaves some type of emotion, whether it’s a happy feeling, touching, inspiring, motivational, etc. I think it’s important, that a company or brand should know that from a viewers point of view, they don’t want to feel as if they wasted their time watching your campaign and that your campaign did leave them with thoughts whether its questions or just emotions.


CONTENT! QUALITY! CONTENT! QUALITY! If you are uploading any type of initiative I think it’s important to capture the audiences attention, and not in a negative way, therefore you should always bring quality content when delivering any type of message. Also, content, should always be relevant.


I believe any content should be user friendly. I think it is imperative to ensure that if you are going to publish any content, that it is user friendly and accessible for everyone to see. You also want to make sure that this content can be easily shared among other platforms.


Companies upload campaigns all the time, in efforts to show how their company or brand are touched by a sensitive matter. However, there are often times, when the company/brand are not necessarily even touched or concerned with the sensitive subject that they brought awareness to. For example, on two occasions designer Kenneth Cole, took it to twitter and other places to link his brand with sensitive subjects such as war, and in effort it was more to promote his upcoming collections. After receiving backlash he uploaded a video to apologize and ensure that those weren’t his attentions at all. He said that it was his way of bringing awareness to the war. In my opinion, this was not genuine content nor was his past campaigns, but to simply market his brand.

  1. SEEDS

In agreement with Kell Baily, if you are going to create a viral marketing campaign, and it correlates with a relevant subject, bring in key people to help reach out to the audience that you are trying to reach. If your campaign, is to bring awareness to the military troops, featuring the troops is a suggestion, or if Motives Cosmetics wanted to create a viral marketing campaign, it would be a great suggestion to feature LaLa Anthony in the campaign.

In my opinion, these five characteristics in addition to doing your own personal research on how to make your viral marketing campaign stand out, you should be very successful. Also, always be open to feedback so that you know what to do and what not to do in your next campaign.

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As beauty lovers we know that the top two beauty retailers are Sephora and MAC Cosmetics. To provide a brief background for both companies, MAC Cosmetics is a brand under Estee Lauder while Sephora is under LVMH (Louis Vuitton ). Both retailers sell a range of products from cosmetics to skincare to nail care while Sephora has a broader product mix. However when it comes to marketing their brand, they both take different approaches with a few similarities. When it comes to social media both brands do an amazing job in employing a new level of interaction amongst their customers. Sephora and MAC take different approaches. In this post, we will focus our attention on how both beauty retailers implement different plans to create the same customer engagement.

In comparison to Sephora, MAC uses their employees to create more of a human touch to connect with their consumers on social media. One of MAC’s strategy consisted of having 40 employees update followers from their own handles. How different is for a company to use social media tactics by having their employees do it for them. MAC has their employees tweet about the events such as fashion shows, and give make-up tips and tricks, celebrity news and new ranges.   An analysis conducted by WaveMetrix determined that MAC was able to obtain over 158,000 new followers. It was also determined that because the employees were creating the human touch they were more likely to receive more positive feedback than MAC’s official twitter page.  (Veleva, 2012)

As we already know, Sephora also thrives on creating an interaction with their customers as well. When it comes to MAC Cosmetics, they focus their customer engagement through Twitter whereas Sephora conquers it through all the social media platforms they use. For example, Sephora’s Facebook page is primarily for answering any customer inquiries and thoroughly engaging with the customer creating relationships. Sephora’s Pinterest account has driven up referrals due to the successful iniatives Sephora’s marketing team implemented such as email pinning, staff favorite referrals, etc. The email pinning alone resulted in 14,000 pins and increasing 60% their Pinterest traffic. Since the Sephora mobile application opened, there has been 167 percent in orders.  Not only does Sephora thrive on customer engagement but they also thrive on consistently embarking and improving their digital platforms. (Cameron, 2013)

In my opinion, both brands have found plans that work best for their brand. However, I believe that Sephora does their research and takes advantage of all of their social platforms, while MAC Cosmetics find other methods to market their brand. I am excited to see how both brands implement new plans as the world of social media continues to grow.


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Go to Guide on Tips and Trips to a Successful Fashion and Beauty Blog


Over the past year, I did my own research in regards to fashion/beauty blogging. With all that I have learned, I wanted to share some of the best tips in regards to starting and maintaining a blog in the fashion/beauty industry. Last year, I ordered Yuli Ziv’s book “Blogging Your Way to the Front Row,” after reading great reviews. I don’t mind pointing out some of her great pointers from the book that stood out to me and what I thought was beneficial for anyone going in to Fashion/Beauty Blogging or just blogging in general.


Yuli made a statement that commitment is the most important thing for any new venture you start. I agree with this. When it comes to blogging or any other social media platform, do not create anything that you cannot devote your time to. Consistency is everything and your audience will appreciate you and your company for following through with commitment. Yuli suggested steps to commitment:

  1. Create a personal brand that corresponds with your personal values and you are able to commit to this project long term.  Most importantly, don’t start a project that has to do with a current trend or stage or phase you are passing in life.
  2. Figure out how much time you can invest in this project and how often you can do so?
  3. How much funding is needed to invest in this project to ensure that you are promoting quality work. Most of your funding will be used to invest in online tools to keep up your social media platforms.

Build a Timeline.

Yuli went on to say that by building a timeline can definitely contribute to creating a successful business. This is one of the most important factors as well in my opinion. What goals do you have for your blog/platform? Such as where do you want this project to be in three to six months or even years to come? Do you have a certain amount of traffic that you want your blog to receive by a certain time? Building a timeline is a way of helping you create realistic goals for your project, it also creates that extra motivation you will need to be consistent, and finally puts your goals at a rate where they could be more attainable.

Define your Mission.

The overall goal for many businesses is bringing value to people. You have to come up with your overall mission for your blog/social platform. Yuli goes onto basically say that inspiration is what you are supposed to be giving your readers, and as blogger how can you give your readers inspiration, what can you do differently? Another way to create value is through providing practical advice. For example, if you are a plus size fashion blogger, what ways can you help your readers be confident in items they normally would stray away from? Lastly, however most important in my eyes, would be conversation. It is always imperative that your audience feels connected with you, regardless if you are a blogger, running a twitter account for your company, or Facebook. Converse with them, be responsive, and you will see a tremendous amount of feedback and traffic come to you seamlessly.

It’s Important to Differentiate your Brand!

At the end of my very previous blog, I spoke of one of the con’s of putting your products and services on public social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. With displaying your products and services and not having any type of patent or watermark for your images or anything that you post, you are now allowing other businesses who are in competition with you to steal your very own images. Unfortunately, both you and I have seen it happen far too many times. No one should be able to take credit for the time, effort and creativity you put into your business.

Many of the boutiques that are carried among Instagram alone 8/10x carry the exact same items due to the owners not realizing they are all going to the same wholesale to purchase their items to distribute. Therefore with that being said they are not realizing that these same wholesale companies that they are purchasing from are providing them with the same exact pictures of the products to distribute which ultimately leads to several businesses having the same exact images. Most of the time, the follower knows that each of the boutiques are selling the same products however they are now looking to find which boutique has the most reasonable price. Another challenge that anyone selling products and services on social media platforms that definitely tail-gates after my last point is that, businesses begin to lack creativity. If you are going to showcase your businesses work online, it is crucial that you are unique and do your research on your competition before introducing your business to these social media platforms.

Another major challenge that is found that there are actually some small businesses who do not think they can benefit from these social media platforms in which they actually have no idea that they are at an advantage. I read in article on NY Times that Jenn Nguyen, has approximately 8,300 followers (which I am positive she probably has accumulated more since the date of this article) talks about the fact that when she posts products, she is not able to add a link so she has to list contact information such as her phone number and coupon codes. Though she makes very good profit, she has to constantly list items as “new” or “low stock” just to keep her customers updated. The only pro is that customers deal with frustration of having to order a product that was featured on Instagram.

Instagram is a Business Boomer!

I wanted to reiterate a topic that I discussed in my blog post. At the end of my last blog post, I went on to briefly touch on an article that I read on Media Bistro which that implied that Social Media has given the Fashion Industry a Major Makeover.  I went on to discuss that Instagram had become my way to keep up with the fashion industry outside of my monthly subscriptions of my favorite fashion magazines.

At a point of time, start up businesses was using Facebook as an alternative to professionally creating a website instead of a social media platform to support their business.  However, as of today Instagram has taken over in so many ways. Owners are usually Instagram for advertisement of their products and services and while it is not a bad idea, will your business constantly have to accommodate to every new social media platform that is trendy. I do believe that Instagram is here to stay for a while, and I love the fact they are constantly updating their application just to keep users coming back for more.

As an avid Instagram user, and since I use it for mostly to stay connected with the fashion and beauty industry, I am not complaining. My all time favorite Instagram page is Fashion Bomb Daily, which the Editor Claire is consistently updating us on street time fashion, which is something that I personally love to see going down my Instagram feed. She post pictures of your favorite celebrities, with details of what they are wearing, where you can find that exact outfit/accessories from and the cost of it, and leaves for an open discussion to her followers if we feel as if we would splurge on the item or if it is a hit or miss. My favorite part of following her is that she also posts a Fashion Bomb of the Day which is a fashionable follower and it allows other users to connect with them, and I can honestly say I have personally connected with a few of the Fashion Bombs, as I never knew they lived a hop and skip away from me.


                I think this mobile application has made it a new form of advertising for businesses, which followers do not see that there is really little effort put in to draw them to invest in a company’s products and services. Instagram is a genius as it has made a lot of these boutiques well known off just because of the display of their products/services on Instagram. The only con to this situation is that most of this information is public, allowing other companies to use your pictures as their own to promote their own business, however, nonetheless Instagram has put the Beauty and Fashion Industry on a whole other level.



Instagram knows Fashion


I can’t possibly express that majority of my use or involvement with social media is 80% is to actively seek what’s going on in the fashion industry. In fact, besides my monthly magazine subscriptions this is how I am able to be up to par on what is trendy, what are the must haves, and funny enough, what needs to be tossed out because it no longer needed in my wardrobe. I honestly have to thank the engagement of the fashion industry and social media for all I know. I recently read an article on Media Bistro that implied that Social Media has given the Fashion Industry a Major Makeover and I couldn’t have agreed anymore.

This article went on to say that people turn to Twitter to get their fashion fix as I can also agree that I do so. In this article it showed graphics that showed the statistics of the top retail companies that are benefiting from social media. The social media sites included Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Pose, Instagram, and Live Stream Fashion Shows. As a follower of majority of these social media platform, I am personally more of a fan of instagram. In fact, I am constantly looking for more fashion-related pages to follow on Instagram.

My personal favorite pages to follow on Instagram are Shiona Turini, Eva Chen, June Ambrose, Ruthie Davis, Rachel Zoe and Fashion Bomb Daily. With the consistency of these Editors, Directors, Stylists, Designers and Bloggers, I am constantly updated and up to par with Fashion. My personal favorite has to be June Ambrose, which she is very active on both Twitter and Instagram, it’s like she never skips a beat delivering. I think all the people I mentioned does take advantage of social media tools such as tracking, mentioning, and knowing when is the best time period to update. Companies really owe their branding to these people as well as Fashion Bloggers because they are human marketers when it comes to Fashion. I personally have bought an item or two because of something I witnessed on Instagram. I am GUILTY.

Instagram definitely takes advantage of the fashion industry and I love it. I feel more connected with the industry because of Instagram. With the use of hashtags such as #ootd, #instafashion and #fashion online can open up a magazine of personal style for one who is interested in knowing what the world has on, and what is in right now. I also think, Instagram was smart for adding videos right before Fashion Week, so not only do we have the access to see Fashion Week through livestream but now on Insta.




Image: Instagram

Fashion and Beauty on the Social Side…

              Though this is my very first blog post, you will soon come to find out that majority if not all of my posts are fashion and beauty related as to that’s where my passion is. When social media is involved, I am constantly looking for anything fashion and beauty related on all social platforms for inspiration. A few weeks ago, I had an interview with an online marketing firm, out of all the brands they carried, I was most interested in their cosmetics and beauty care line and I had an interview for a Product Administrator position which is the position under the Product Manager. I am very excited to hear back because this will be my very first position in my career where I am combining my love for Fashion and Beauty and Marketing and I think this class will help me contribute some ideas for the brand with this new position.

                Out of all the social platforms I seek inspiration from, my top two tools that I think are the most effective tools for the fashion and beauty industry would have to be blogging and YouTube. First of all, I would have to say blogging is the most effective method when it comes to the industry in my opinion. Majority of the bloggers start out with an intention to focus on one side of the industry however, it is their readers that usually encourage them to branch out as well as other bloggers they favor. I also look at blogs as public journal. Blogs are so versatile because they allow your viewers connect with you on so many levels, because you are also able to share your posts to other media social platforms. Most bloggers are either connected to YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram with both high followers –base.  With blogging, with high views, you could then start making a lot of money from the advertisement that is featured on your blogs. Fashion and Beauty blogs take a different stand point from magazines as they are able to update on a daily basis whereas magazines are a monthly issue. A lot of loyal viewers believe that blogs are easier to access and they are more personable than other forms of social media.

                In comparison to blogging, when I don’t have time to sit at my computer, my favorite bloggers are always giving me a sneak preview and something to look forward to when I see them on Instagram. Bloggers usually post a picture or a collection of pictures notifying their readers when a new blog post has been posted, which makes a blog lover like myself excited and ready to go home so I can enjoy the post from a bigger screen standpoint. I can see, everyday Instagram allows me to find someone new and exciting to follow and to derive inspiration from. If I am lucky, that person also has a link to their blog or their Youtube page in their Bio. Instagram is becoming one of the biggest form of free advertising. With the use of hashtags and linking the page of where they got the products or service from drives majority of the businesses who have no form of ecommerce pages business. I personally do not view Instagram as personable as I do blogging. I think bloggers put more of their heart into as just posting a picture or your average “selfie.”


Here is a list of my favorite blogs: